Adrien van Viersen began his illustration career in 1991 with the self-published Time City comic book series, which attracted national attention. In 1993, Adrien began designing and animating children’s interactive CD-ROMs before moving on to Studio B Productions in Vancouver in 1995, where he designed for Disney, Universal, Warner, and DIC. His work was seen Saturday mornings on shows like The Mighty Ducks, Ace Ventura, The Savage Dragon, and Timone and Pumba. Meanwhile, he completed work on the Technopolis comic book series (a new updated Time City) published by Caliber Comics. Technopolis garnered him a Russ Manning Award nomination for Best New Talent in the comic book industry. In 1998, along with Clyde Klotz (X-Files), he began work designing Mainframe Entertainment’s War Planets for 26 episodes. After seven years in the animation field, the lure of live action film hearkened.¬† Adrien’s career as a storyboard artist began with Romeo Must Die, and continued with Dreamcatcher, X-men2, I-Robot, Incredible Hulk, Mission Impossible 4, and TV pilots Smallville, Supernatural, The Arrow, and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. In 2001, the completion of the short film Code, produced by Brenda Painter, marked Adrien’s debut as a writer, director, and production designer. Code was nominated for Best Production Design at the Leo Awards and the film aired regularly on Space and CBC. The completion of the short film The Agent marked his third effort as director and production designer. His latest films, Pig Tale and Tit for Tat played the world festival circuit and won, respectively, THE PHOENIX INT. HORROR & SCI-FI FILM FESTIVAL¬† Short Hall of Fame (2007) and the ACTION ON FILM INT. FILM FESTIVAL Best Action Sequence martial Arts (2007). In 2008, Adrien began developing the Technopolis comic book series to feature film and is currently shopping it.